Forthcoming Articles

Articles to appear in forthcoming issues. Updated: 2019.07.03.

Forms over fields and Witt’s lemma
David Sprehn and Nathalie Wahl
Received: 2019.02.27, c. 22 pages.

Little dimension and the improved new intersection theorem
Tsutomu Nakamura, Ryo Takahashi and Siamak Yassemi
Received: 2018.12.23, Revised: 2019.02.09, c. 11 pages.

Generalized adjoints and applications to composition operators
Geraldo Botelho and Leodan A. Torres
Received: 2018.12.13, c. 19 pages.

On Ratliff–Rush closure of modules
Naoki Endo
Received: 2018.12.12, c. 19 pages.

Cohen-Macaulay homological dimensions
Parviz Sahandi, Tirdad Sharif, and Siamak Yassemi
Received: 2018.11.18, Revised: 2019.04.06, c. 19 pages.

Hausdorff dimension of limsup sets of rectangles in the Heisenberg group
Fredrik Ekström, Esa Jä̈rvenpää and Maarit Järvenpää
Received: 2018.10.26, Revised: 2019.01.22;2019.05.15, c. 26 pages.

An upper bound for the regularity of powers of edge ideals
Jürgen Herzog and Takayuki Hibi
Received: 2018.10.23, Revised: 2019.02.23, c. 5 pages.

A smoothness criterion for complex spaces in terms of differential forms
Håkan Samuelsson Kalm and Martin Sera
Received: 2018.10.17, c. 8 pages.

An interpolation of Ohno’s relation to complex functions
Minoru Hirose, Hideki Murahara and Tomokazu Onozuka
Received: 2018.09.26, c. 5 pages.

Backward shift invariant subspaces in reproducing kernel Hilbert spaces
Emmanuel Fricain, Javad Mashreghi and Rishika Rupam
Received: 2018.09.20, Revised: 2019.03.08, c. 19 pages.

Compact group actions on operator algebras and their spectra
Costel Peligrad
Received: 2018.09.13, Revised: 2019.01.21, c. 16 pages.

Remarks on vector space generated by the multiplicative commutators of a division ring
M. Aaghabali and Z. Tajfirouz
Received: 2018.08.03, c. 4 pages.

Local boundedness for minimizers of convex integral functionals in metric measure spaces
Huiju Wang and Pengcheng Niu
Received: 2018.07.15, Revised: 2019.04.07, c. 17 pages.

Stability analysis of a delay differential Kaldor model with government policies
T. Caraballo and A. P. da Silva
Received: 2018.07.12, Revised: 2018.12.03, c. 25 pages.

Noncommutative coverings of quantum tori
Kay Schwieger and Stefan Wagner
Received: 2018.06.21, c. 18 pages.

Extension of positive maps
Erling Størmer
Received: 2018.06.06, Revised: 2019.02.25, c. 5 pages.

Theta-regularity and log–canonical threshold
Morten Øygarden and Sofia Tirabassi
Received: 2018.06.01, c. 9 pages.

Hopf algebra actions and transfer of Frobenius and symmetric properties
S. Dascalescu, C. Nastasescu, L. Nastasescu
Received: 2018.05.10, c. 9 pages.

The Cuntz-Pimsner extension and mapping cone exact sequences
F. Arici and A. Rennie
Received: 2018.02.19, c. 28 pages.

Some operator inequalities for Hermitian banach *-algebras
Hamed Najafi
Received: 2018.02.10, Revised: 2019.05.16, c. 16 pages.

Isomorphisms of spaces of affine continuous complex functions
Jakub Rondoš and Jiří Spurný
Received: 2018.01.31, Revised: 2019.03.12, c. 20 pages.

Low-dimensional bounded cohomology and extensions of groups
Nicolaus Heuer
Received: 2018.01.26, Revised: 2018.08.23, c. 26 pages.

Arrow categories of monoidal model categories
David White and Donald Yau
Received: 2018.01.13, Revised: 2018.10.21, c. 15 pages.

A comparison formula for residue currents
Richard Lärkäng
Received: 2018.01.09, c. 28 pages.

A short note on Helmholtz decompositions for bounded domains in $\mathbb{R}^3$
Immanuel Anjam
Received: 2017.12.21, c. 12 pages.

Vandermonde determinantal ideals
Junzo Watanabe and Kohji Yanagawa
Received: 2017.12.17, Revised: 2018.04.16, c. 6 pages.

Free resolutions of Dynkin format and the licci property of grade 3 perfect ideals
Lars Winther Christensen, Oana Veliche and Jerzy Weyman
Received: 2017.12.13, c. 16 pages.

Approximation and interpolation of regular maps from affine varieties to algebraic manifolds
Finnur Lárusson and Tuyen Trung Truong
Received: 2017.12.11, c. 12 pages.

Hardy inequalities for Landau Hamiltonian and for Baouendi-Grushin operator with Aharonov-Bohm type magnetic field. Part I
Ari Laptev, Michael Ruzhansky, Nurgissa Yessirkegenov
Received: 2017.11.16, c. 31 pages.

On diagonal quasi-free automorphisms of simple Cuntz-Krieger algebras
Selçuk Barlak and Gábor Szabó
Received: 2017.11.14, c. 17 pages.

Quasi-symmetry without ratios
Jaroslaw Kwapisz
Received: 2017.11.08, c. 8 pages.

Weak type estimates for functions of Marcinkiewicz type with fractional integrals of mixed homogeneity
Shuichi Sato
Received: 2017.10.24, Revised: 2018.05.17, c. 28 pages.

Parabolically induced unitary representations of the universal group $U(F)^+$ are $C_0$
Corina Ciobotaru
Received: 2017.09.11, c. 22 pages.

The 2-Hessian and sextactic points on plane algebraic curves
Paul Aleksander Maugesten and Torgunn Karoline Moe
Received: 2017.09.01, c. 26 pages.

A bicategorical interpretation for relative Cuntz–Pimsner algebras
Ralf Meyer and Camila Fabre-Sehnem
Received: 2017.08.29, c. 29 pages.

Uniqueness of norm-preserving extensions of functionals on the space of compact operators
Julia Martsinkevitš and Märt Põldvere
Received: 2017.07.27, c. 17 pages.