Forthcoming Articles

Articles to appear in forthcoming issues. Updated: 2018.11.15.

Hopf algebra actions and transfer of Frobenius and symmetric properties
S. Dascalescu, C. Nastasescu, L. Nastasescu
Received: 2018.05.10, c. 9 pages.

Low-dimensional bounded cohomology and extensions of groups
Nicolaus Heuer
Received: 2018.01.26, Revised: 2018.08.23, c. 26 pages.

Arrow categories of monoidal model categories
David White and Donald Yau
Received: 2018.01.13, Revised: 2018.10.21, c. 15 pages.

A comparison formula for residue currents
Richard Lärkäng
Received: 2018.01.09, c. 27 pages.

A short note on Helmholtz decompositions for bounded domains in $\mathbb{R}^3$
Immanuel Anjam
Received: 2017.12.21, c. 12 pages.

Vandermonde determinantal ideals
Junzo Watanabe and Kohji Yanagawa
Received: 2017.12.17, Revised: 2018.04.16, c. 6 pages.

Approximation and interpolation of regular maps from affine varieties to algebraic manifolds
Finnur Lárusson and Tuyen Trung Truong
Received: 2017.12.11, c. 12 pages.

Hardy inequalities for Landau Hamiltonian and for Baouendi-Grushin operator with Aharonov-Bohm type magnetic field. Part I
Ari Laptev, Michael Ruzhansky, Nurgissa Yessirkegenov
Received: 2017.11.16, c. 29 pages.

On diagonal quasi-free automorphisms of simple Cuntz-Krieger algebras
Selçuk Barlak and Gábor Szabó
Received: 2017.11.14, c. 17 pages.

Quasi-symmetry without ratios
Jaroslaw Kwapisz
Received: 2017.11.08, c. 8 pages.

Weak type estimates for functions of Marcinkiewicz type with fractional integrals of mixed homogeneity
Shuichi Sato
Received: 2017.10.24, Revised: 2018.05.17, c. 27 pages.

The $K$-inductive structure of the noncommutative Fourier transform
Samuel Walters
Received: 2017.10.19, c. 14 pages.

Parabolically induced unitary representations of the universal group $U(F)^+$ are $C_0$
Corina Ciobotaru
Received: 2017.09.11, c. 22 pages.

The 2-Hessian and sextactic points on plane algebraic curves
Paul Aleksander Maugesten and Torgunn Karoline Moe
Received: 2017.09.01, c. 25 pages.

Fourier multipliers on anisotropic mixed-norm spaces of distributions
G. Cleanthous, A. G. Georgiadis and M. Nielsen
Received: 2017.08.30, c. 16 pages.

The complex moment problem: determinacy and extendibility
Dariusz Cichoń, Jan Stochel, Franciszek Hugon Szafraniec
Received: 2017.08.12, Revised: 2018.01.24, c. 26 pages.

Uniqueness of norm-preserving extensions of functionals on the space of compact operators
Julia Martsinkevitš and Märt Põldvere
Received: 2017.07.27, c. 17 pages.

A note on the van der Waerden complex
Becky Hooper, Adam Van Tuyl
Received: 2017.07.24, c. 9 pages.

A family of reflexive vector bundles of reduction number one
Cleto B. Miranda Neto
Received: 2017.07.05, c. 15 pages.

A general one-sided compactness result for interpolation of bilinear operators
Eduardo Brandani da Silva and Dicesar Lass Fernandez
Received: 2017.06.30, Revised: 2018.02.23, c. 15 pages.

Characterisation and applications of $k$-split bimodules
Volodymyr Mazorchuk, Vanessa Miemietz, Xiaoting Zhang
Received: 2017.06.20, c. 17 pages.

Minimal complexes of cotorsion flat modules
Peder Thompson
Received: 2017.05.27, c. 19 pages.

Multilinear square functions and multiple weights
Loukas Grafakos, Parasar Mohanty, Saurabh Shrivastava
Received: 2017.05.27, c. 12 pages.

The attainment set of $\varphi$-envelope and genericity properties
A. Cabot, A. Jourani, L. Thibault, D. Zagrodny
Received: 2017.05.09, c. 44 pages.

Bounded point derivations on $R^p(X)$ and approximate derivatives
Stephen Deterding
Received: 2017.04.21, c. 17 pages.

Blow-ups and Fano manifolds of large pseudoindex
Carla Novelli
Received: 2017.04.19, c. 17 pages.

Remarks on diophantine approximation in function fields
Arijit Ganguly, Anish Ghosh
Received: 2017.04.05, c. 10 pages.

Galoisian approach to complex oscillation theory of some Hill equations
Yik-Man Chiang, Guo-Fu Yu
Received: 2017.03.24, c. 30 pages.

The reproducing kernel of $\mathcal{H}^2$ and radial eigenfunctions of the hyperbolic Laplacian
Manfred Stoll
Received: 2017.03.21, c. 21 pages.

Duality of ODE-determined norms
Jarno Talponen
Received: 2017.02.17, c. 20 pages.

On a question of Sadullaev concerning boundary relative extremal functions
Ibrahim K. Djire, Jan Wiegerinck
Received: 2016.11.25, c. 10 pages.