Forthcoming Articles

Articles to appear in forthcoming issues. Updated: 2021.08.23

Geodesic families characterizing flat metrics on a cylinder and a plane
Nobuhiro Innami, Yoe Itokawa, Tetsuya Nagano and Katsuhiro Shiohama
Received 2021.05.12. Revised 2021.07.25, c. 19 pages.

The Perfekt theory of $M$-ideals
Dirk Werner
Received: 2021.05.07, c. 11 pages.

The weak min-max property in Banach spaces
Zhengyong Ouyang, Antti Rasila and Tiantian Guan
Received 2021.04.23. Revised 2021.08.12, c. 10 pages.

Intermediate Jacobians and the slice filtration
Doosung Park
Received: 2021.03.13. Revised: 2021.03.31, c. 15 pages.

On the Liouville and strong Liouville properties for a class of non-local operators
David Berger and René L. Schilling
Received: 2021.02.28. Revised: 2021.05.12, c. 23 pages.

Direct limits of infinite-dimensional Carnot groups
Terhi Moisala and Enrico Pasqualetto
Received 2021.02.10. Revised 2021.07.15, c. 39 pages.

A note on differences of composition operators acting on the Hardy space
Jineng Dai
Received: 2021.02.08, c. 16 pages.

Canonical subsheaves of torsionfree semistable sheaves
Indranil Biswas and A. J. Parameswaran
Received: 2021.02.01. Revised: 2021.06.03, c. 19 pages.

The homology of the groupoid of the self-similar infinite dihedral group
Eduard Ortega and Alvaro Sanchez
Received: 2021.01.14.  Revised: 2021.03.26, c. 21 pages.

Weighted holomorphic Dirichlet series and composition operators with polynomial symbols
Emmanuel Fricain and Camille Mau
Received: 2021.01.11. Revised: 2021.06.15, c. 36 pages.

Representability of the local motivic Brouwer degree
Gereon Quick, Therese Strand and Glen Matthew Wilson
Received: 2021.01.02. Revised: 2021.04.06. c. 25 pages.

Density of $f$-ideals and $f$-ideals in mixed small degrees
Huy Tài Hà, Graham Keiper, Hasan Mahmood and Jonathan L. O'Rourke
Received: 2020.11.17. Revised: 2021.05.05, c. 20 pages.

$\lambda$-quiddité sur $\mathbb{Z}[\alpha]$ avec $\alpha$ transcendant
Flavien Mabilat
Received: 2020.11.05. Revised :2021.03.26. c. 9 pages

Dimension of images of large level sets
Gavin Armstrong and Anthony G. O'Farrell
Received: 2020.10.29. Revised: 2021.04.13. c. 14 pages.

Trudinger-type inequalities on Musielak-Orlicz-Morrey spaces of an integral form
Takao Ohno and Tetsu Shimomura
Received: 2020.10.28, c. 30 pages.

The space $D$ in several variables: random variables and higher moments
Svante Janson
Received: 2020.10.22, c. 40 pages.

Singular integrals and sublinear operators on amalgam spaces and Hardy-amalgam spaces
Kwok-Pun Ho
Received: 2020.10.05. Revised: 2021.01.18, c. 15 pages.

Non-Lebesgue measurability of finite unions of Vitali selectors related to different groups
Venuste Nyagahakwa and Gratien Haguma
Received: 2020.09.13, c. 14 pages.

Generalized John Gromov hyperbolic domains and extensions of maps
Qingshan Zhou, Liulan Li, and Antti Rasila
Received: 2020.09.11, c. 16 pages.

KMS states on crossed products by Abelian groups
Johannes Christensen and Klaus Thomsen
Received: 2020.08.05, c. 20 pages.

Results on the normality of square-free monomial ideals and cover ideals under some graph operations
Ibrahim Al-Ayyoub, Mehrdad Nasernejad, Kazem Khashyarmanesh, Leslie G. Roberts, and Veronica Crispin Quiñonez
Received: 2020.07.23, Revised: 2021.02.02, c. 17 pages.

On homotopy nilpotency of the octonian plane $\mathbb{O}P^2$
Marek Golasi´nski
Received: 2020.07.04. Revised: 2020.08.22, c. 15 pages

The strength for line bundles
Edoardo Ballico and Emanuele Ventura
Received: 2020.06.29, Revised: 2020.10.07, c. 35 pages.

Product property of global $P-$ extremal functions
Nguyen Quang Dieu and Tang Van Long
Received 2020.06.20. Revised 2021.08.12, c. 11 pages.

A Schwarz lemma for hyperbolic harmonic mappings in the unit ball
Jiaolong Chen and David Kalaj
Received: 2020.06.08, c. 24 pages.

A note on smooth forms on analytic spaces
Mats Andersson and Hakan Samuelsson Kalm
Received: 2020.06.05, c. 6 pages.

Analytic properties of Ohno function
Ken Kamano and Tomokazu Onozuka
Received: 2020.05.28, Revised: 2020.12.13, c. 16 pages.

On transfinite diameters in $\mathbb{C}^{d}$ for generalized notions of degree
N. Levenberg and F. Wielonsky
Received: 2020.05.17, c. 22 pages.

Divisors of expected Jacobian type
Josep Àlvarez Montaner and Francesc Planas-Vilanova
Received: 2020.05.07, c. 22 pages.

Area-perimeter duality in polygon spaces
Giorgi Khimshiashvili, Gaiane Panina, and Dirk Siersma
Received: 2020.04.16, c. 12 pages.

On $\mathcal{M}$-normal embedded subgroups and the structure of finite groups
Ruifang Chen, Xianhe Zhao and Rui Li
Received: 2020.04.04, c. 9 pages.

Asymptotic behavior of $j$-multiplicities
Thiago Henrique de Freitas, Victor Hugo Jorge Perez, and Pedro Henrique Lima
Received: 2020.03.22, Revised: 2020.10.30, c. 13 pages.

Some two-point boundary value problems for systems of higher order functional differential equations
Sulkhan Mukhigulashvili
Received: 2020.03.19, c. 21 pages.

Strongly elliptic operators and exponentiation of operator Lie algebras
Rodrigo A. H. M. Cabral
Received: 2020.02.20, Revised: 2020.07.07, c. 22 pages.

Universal C$^*$-algebras with the local lifting property
Kristin E. Courtney
Received: 2020.02.10, c. 20 pages.

A groupoid picture of the Elek algebras
Clemens Borys
Received: 2020.01.08, Revised: 2020.07.16, c. 24 pages.

Strong Morita equivalence for inclusions of $C^{*}$-algebras induced by twisted actions of a countable discrete group
Kazunori Kodaka
Received: 2019.11.08, Revised: 2020.11.09, c. 19 pages.

The Dirichlet problem for the complex Hessian operator in the class N_m(f)
Ayoub El Gasmi
Received: 2019.07.12, Revised: 2020.07.14, c. 29 pages.

Invariants of linkage of modules
Tony J. Puthenpurakal
Received: 2017.02.16, Revised: 2020.10.18, c. 19 pages.