Forthcoming Articles

Articles to appear in forthcoming issues. Updated: 2020.03.29.

A direct proof that toric rank 2 bundles on projective space split
David Stapleton
Received: 2020.01.29, c. 4 pages.

Asymptotics of some generalized Mathieu series
Stefan Gerhold, Friedrich Hubalek and Živorad Tomovski
Received: 2019.07.18, c. 26 pages.

The block Schur product is a Hadamard product
Erik Christensen
Received: 2019.06.13, Revised: 2020.01.14, c. 14 pages.

A revised augmented Cuntz semigroup
Leonel Robert and Luis Santiago
Received: 2019.06.01, c. 29 pages.

Fredholm theory of Toeplitz operators on doubling Fock Hilbert spaces
Aamena Al-Qabani, Titus Hilberdink and Jani A. Virtanen
Received: 2019.04.12, Revised: 2019.08.28, c. 9 pages.

Exact Green’s formula for the fractional Laplacian and perturbations
Gerd Grubb
Received: 2019.04.08, c. 23 pages.

Forms over fields and Witt’s lemma
David Sprehn and Nathalie Wahl
Received: 2019.02.27, c. 22 pages.

Strengthened convexity of positive operator monotone decreasing functions
Megumi Kirihata and Makoto Yamashita
Received: 2019.02.27, c. 9 pages.

On C*-algebras associated to actions of discrete subgroups of Sl(2;R) on the punctured plane
Jacopo Bassi
Received: 2019.01.22, c. 18 pages.

On octahedrality and Müntz spaces
André Martiny
Received: 2019.01.14, c. 6 pages.

Weighted composition operators on weighted Bergman spaces induced by double weights
Juntao Du, Songxiao Li and Yecheng Shi
Received: 2018.12.30, c. 19 pages.

Little dimension and the improved new intersection theorem
Tsutomu Nakamura, Ryo Takahashi and Siamak Yassemi
Received: 2018.12.23, Revised: 2019.02.09, c. 11 pages.

The Dirichlet problem for $m$-subharmonic functions on compact sets
Per Åhag, Rafał Czyż and Lisa Hed
Received: 2018.12.17, c. 16 pages.

Generators of the K_0 groups of noncommutative tori
Sayan Chakraborty
Received: 2018.12.14, Revised: 2019.12.28, c. 13 pages.

Generalized adjoints and applications to composition operators
Geraldo Botelho and Leodan A. Torres
Received: 2018.12.13, c. 19 pages.

On Ratliff–Rush closure of modules
Naoki Endo
Received: 2018.12.12, c. 19 pages.

Periodic codings of Bratteli-Vershik systems
Sarah Frick, Karl Petersen, and Sandi Shields
Received: 2018.12.10, Revised: 2019.09.12, c. 23 pages.

On the convergence of iterates of convolution operators in Banach spaces
Heybetkulu Mustafayev
Received: 2018.11.22, Revised: 2019.06.23, c. 28 pages.

Cohen-Macaulay homological dimensions
Parviz Sahandi, Tirdad Sharif, and Siamak Yassemi
Received: 2018.11.18, Revised: 2019.04.06, c. 20 pages.

Spectral triples for higher-rank graph C*-algebras
Carla Farsi, Elizabeth Gillaspy, Antoine Julien, Sooran Kang, and Judith Packer
Received: 2018.11.15, c. 18 pages.

Hausdorff dimension of limsup sets of rectangles in the Heisenberg group
Fredrik Ekström, Esa Jä̈rvenpää and Maarit Järvenpää
Received: 2018.10.26, Revised: 2019.05.15, c. 27 pages.

An upper bound for the regularity of powers of edge ideals
Jürgen Herzog and Takayuki Hibi
Received: 2018.10.23, Revised: 2019.02.23, c. 5 pages.

A smoothness criterion for complex spaces in terms of differential forms
Håkan Samuelsson Kalm and Martin Sera
Received: 2018.10.17, c. 8 pages.

An interpolation of Ohno’s relation to complex functions
Minoru Hirose, Hideki Murahara and Tomokazu Onozuka
Received: 2018.09.26, c. 5 pages.

Compact group actions on operator algebras and their spectra
Costel Peligrad
Received: 2018.09.13, Revised: 2019.01.21, c. 17 pages.

Remarks on vector space generated by the multiplicative commutators of a division ring
M. Aaghabali and Z. Tajfirouz
Received: 2018.08.03, c. 4 pages.

Local boundedness for minimizers of convex integral functionals in metric measure spaces
Huiju Wang and Pengcheng Niu
Received: 2018.07.15, Revised: 2019.04.07, c. 17 pages.

Extension of positive maps
Erling Størmer
Received: 2018.06.06, Revised: 2020.03.16, c. 3 pages.