Forthcoming Articles

Articles to appear in forthcoming issues. Updated: 2022.04.11

Poincaré duality for tautological Chern subrings of orthogonal grassmannians
Nikita A. Karpenko and Alexander S. Merkurjev
Received: 2021.11.19. Revised 2021.12.05. c. 9 pages

Bounds for blow-up solutions of a semilinear pseudo-parabolic equation with a memory term and logarithmic nonlinearity in variable space
Rahmoune Abita
Received: 2021.10.26. Revised 2021.12.05. c. 17 pages

The Fermat-Torricelli problem in the projective plane
Manolis C. Tsakiris and Sihang Xu
Received: 2021.10.12. Revised: 2022.03.01. c. 26 pages

Componentwise linear powers and the $x$-condition
Jürgen Herzog, Takayuki Hibi and Somayeh Moradi
Received: 2021.07.11. Revised: 2021.11.25. c. 32 pages

Copies of $c_0(\tau)$ in Saphar tensor products
Vinícius Morelli Cortes
Received: 2021.06.24. Revised: 2021.09.27. c. 15 pages.

Symmetric approximation sequences, Beilinson-Green algebras and derived equivalences
Shengyong Pan
Received: 2021.06.21. Revised: 2021.12.20. c. 55 pages

Hardy-Sobolev inequalities and weighted capacities in metric spaces
Lizaveta Ihnatsyeva, Juha Lehrbäck and Antti V. Vähäkangas
Received: 2021.06.09. c. 23 pages.

Remarks on Martio's conjecture
Ville Tengvall
Received: 2021.06.02. c. 18 pages.

Geodesic families characterizing flat metrics on a cylinder and a plane
Nobuhiro Innami, Yoe Itokawa, Tetsuya Nagano and Katsuhiro Shiohama
Received: 2021.05.12. Revised: 2021.07.25, c. 19 pages.

The Perfekt theory of $M$-ideals
Dirk Werner
Received: 2021.05.07, c. 11 pages.

The weak min-max property in Banach spaces
Zhengyong Ouyang, Antti Rasila and Tiantian Guan
Received: 2021.04.23. Revised: 2021.08.12, c. 10 pages.

Stability of non-proper functions
Kenta Hayano
Received: 2021.04.21. Revised: 2021.09.23, c. 36 pages.

A remark on singular cohomology and sheaf cohomology
Dan Petersen
Received: 2021.03.22. Revised: 2021.09.20, c. 9 pages.

Intermediate Jacobians and the slice filtration
Doosung Park
Received: 2021.03.13. Revised: 2021.03.31, c. 15 pages.

On the Liouville and strong Liouville properties for a class of non-local operators
David Berger and René L. Schilling
Received: 2021.02.28. Revised: 2021.05.12, c. 23 pages.

Direct limits of infinite-dimensional Carnot groups
Terhi Moisala and Enrico Pasqualetto
Received: 2021.02.10. Revised: 2021.07.15, c. 39 pages.

A note on differences of composition operators acting on the Hardy space
Jineng Dai
Received: 2021.02.08, c. 16 pages.

Canonical subsheaves of torsionfree semistable sheaves
Indranil Biswas and A. J. Parameswaran
Received: 2021.02.01. Revised: 2021.06.03, c. 19 pages.

The homology of the groupoid of the self-similar infinite dihedral group
Eduard Ortega and Alvaro Sanchez
Received: 2021.01.14.  Revised: 2021.03.26, c. 21 pages.