Forthcoming Articles

Articles to appear in forthcoming issues. Updated: 2023.01.09

Constructing stable vector bundles from curves with torsion normal bundle
Sergio Licanic
Received: 2022.07.19. Revised 2022.11.30. c. 33 pages.

Vanishing Morrey integrability for Riesz potentials in Morrey-Orlicz spaces
Yoshihiro Mizuta and Tetsu Shimomura
Received: 2022.04.30. Revised 2022.08.23. c. 26 pages.

Topological boundaries of covariant representations
Massoud Amini and Sajad Zavar
Received: 2022.04.29. Revised 2022.08.14. c. 23 pages

On principal value and standard extension of distributions
Daniel Barlet
Received: 2022.04.01. Revised: 2022.10.13. c. 26 pages

Conductivity reconstruction from power density data in limited view
Bjørn Jensen, Kim Knudsen and Hjørdis Schlüter
Received: 2022.03.28. Revised: 2022.08.05. c. 22 pages

Lifts, transfers, and degrees of univariate maps
Thomas Brazelton and Stephen McKean
Received: 2022.03.21. Revised: 2022.06.21. c. 32 pages

Boundaries for Gelfand transform images of Banach algebras of holomorphic functions
Yun Sung Choi and Mingu Jung
Received: 2022.02.15. Revised: 2022.08.22. c. 21 pages.

Complexity and rigidity of Ulrich modules, and some applications
Souvik Dey and Dipankar Ghosh
Received: 2022.01.25. Revised: 2022.12.23. c. 27 pages.

Generalized Bernstein functions
Stamatis Koumandos and Henrik L. Pedersen
Received: 2021.12.21. Revised: 2022.04.11. c. 22 pages

On the regularity of small symbolic powers of edge ideals of graphs
S. A. Seyed Fakhari
Received: 2021.12.01. Revised 2022.04.27. c. 20 pages