Presentations of rings with a chain of semidualizing modules


  • Ensiyeh Amanzadeh
  • Mohammad T. Dibaei



Inspired by Jorgensen et al., it is proved that if a Cohen-Macaulay local ring $R$ with dualizing module admits a suitable chain of semidualizing $R$-modules of length $n$, then $R\cong Q/(I_1+\cdots +I_n)$ for some Gorenstein ring $Q$ and ideals $I_1,\dots , I_n$ of $Q$; and, for each $\Lambda \subseteq [n]$, the ring $Q/(\sum _{\ell \in \Lambda } I_\ell )$ has some interesting cohomological properties. This extends the result of Jorgensen et al., and also of Foxby and Reiten.


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