A classification of $\mathbb{C}$-Fuchsian subgroups of Picard modular groups


  • Jouni Parkkonen
  • Frédéric Paulin




Given an imaginary quadratic extension $K$ of $\mathbb{Q}$, we give a classification of the maximal nonelementary subgroups of the Picard modular group $\operatorname{PSU}_{1,2}(\mathcal{O}_K)$ preserving a complex geodesic in the complex hyperbolic plane $\mathbb{H}^2_\mathbb{C}$. Complementing work of Holzapfel, Chinburg-Stover and M\"oller-Toledo, we show that these maximal $\mathbb{C}$-Fuchsian subgroups are arithmetic, arising from a quaternion algebra $\Big(\!\begin{array}{c} D\,,D_K\\\hline\mathbb{Q}\end{array} \!\Big)$ for some explicit $D\in\mathbb{N}-\{0\}$ and $D_K$ the discriminant of $K$. We thus prove the existence of infinitely many orbits of $K$-arithmetic chains in the hypersphere of $\mathbb{P}_2(\mathbb{C})$.


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