Haagerup approximation property via bimodules


  • Rui Okayasu
  • Narutaka Ozawa
  • Reiji Tomatsu




The Haagerup approximation property (HAP) is defined for finite von Neumann algebras in such a way that the group von Neumann algebra of a discrete group has the HAP if and only if the group itself has the Haagerup property. The HAP has been studied extensively for finite von Neumann algebras and it was recently generalized to arbitrary von Neumann algebras by Caspers-Skalski and Okayasu-Tomatsu. One of the motivations behind the generalization is the fact that quantum group von Neumann algebras are often infinite even though the Haagerup property has been defined successfully for locally compact quantum groups by Daws-Fima-Skalski-White. In this paper, we fill this gap by proving that the von Neumann algebra of a locally compact quantum group with the Haagerup property has the HAP. This is new even for genuine locally compact groups.


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