Jordan norms for multilinear maps on $C^{\ast}$-algebras and Grothendieck's inequalities


  • Erik Christensen



There exists a generalization of the concept completely bounded norm, for multilinear maps on $C^{\ast }$-algebras. We will use the word Jordan norm, for this norm and denote it by $\lVert \cdot \rVert _J$. The Jordan norm $\lVert\Phi\rVert_J$ of a multilinear map is obtained via factorizations of $\Phi$ in the form $$\Phi (a_1, \dots , a_n) = T_0 \sigma _1(a_1)T_1 \cdots T_{(n-1)}\sigma _n(a_n)T_n ,$$ where the maps $\sigma _i$ are Jordan homomorphisms. We show that any bounded bilinear form on a pair of $C^{\ast }$-algebras is Jordan bounded and satisfies $\lVert B\rVert _J \leq 2\lVert B\rVert $.


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