Gauge-invariant uniqueness theorems for $P$-graphs


  • Robert Huben
  • S. Kaliszewski
  • Nadia S. Larsen
  • John Quigg



We prove a version of the result in the title that makes use of maximal coactions in the context of discrete groups. Earlier Gauge-Invariant Uniqueness theorems for $C^*$-algebras associated to $P$-graphs and similar $C^*$-algebras exploited a property of coactions known as normality. In the present paper, the view point is that maximal coactions provide a more natural starting point to state and prove such uniqueness theorems. A byproduct of our approach consists of an abstract characterization of co-universal representations for a Fell bundle over a discrete group.


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Huben, R., Kaliszewski, S., Larsen, N. S., & Quigg, J. (2024). Gauge-invariant uniqueness theorems for $P$-graphs. MATHEMATICA SCANDINAVICA, 130(1).