Symmetric approximation sequences, Beilinson-Green algebras and derived equivalences


  • Shengyong Pan



In this paper, we will consider a class of locally $\Phi$-Beilinson-Green algebras, where $\Phi$ is an infinite admissible set of the integers, and show that symmetric approximation sequences in $n$-exangulated categories give rise to derived equivalences between quotient algebras of locally $\Phi$-Beilinson-Green algebras in the principal diagonals modulo some factorizable ghost and coghost ideals by the locally finite tilting family. Then we get a class of derived equivalent algebras that have not been obtained by using previous techniques. From higher exact sequences, we obtain derived equivalences between subalgebras of endomorphism algebras by constructing tilting complexes, which generalizes Chen and Xi's result for exact sequences. From a given derived equivalence, we get derived equivalences between locally $\Phi$-Beilinson-Green algebras of semi-Gorenstein modules. Finally, from given graded derived equivalences of group graded algebras, we get derived equivalences between associated Beilinson-Green algebras of group graded algebras.


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