Results on the normality of square-free monomial ideals and cover ideals under some graph operations


  • Ibrahim Al-Ayyoub
  • Mehrdad Nasernejad
  • Kazem Khashyarmanesh
  • Leslie G. Roberts
  • Veronica Crispin Quiñonez



In this paper, we introduce techniques for producing normal square-free monomial ideals from old such ideals. These techniques are then used to investigate the normality of cover ideals under some graph operations. Square-free monomial ideals that come out as linear combinations of two normal ideals are shown to be not necessarily normal; under such a case we investigate the integral closedness of all powers of these ideals.


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Al-Ayyoub, I., Nasernejad, M., Khashyarmanesh, K., Roberts, L. G., & Quiñonez, V. C. (2021). Results on the normality of square-free monomial ideals and cover ideals under some graph operations. MATHEMATICA SCANDINAVICA, 127(3).