Stable homotopy, $1$-dimensional NCCW complexes, and Property (H)


  • Qingnan An
  • George A. Elliott
  • Zhichao Liu
  • Yuanhang Zhang



In this paper, we show that the homomorphisms between two unital one-dimensional NCCW complexes with the same KK-class are stably homotopic, that is, after adding on a common homomorphism (with finite dimensional image), they are homotopic. As a consequence, any one-dimensional NCCW complex has the Property (H).


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An, Q., Elliott, G. A., Liu, Z., & Zhang, Y. (2020). Stable homotopy, $1$-dimensional NCCW complexes, and Property (H). MATHEMATICA SCANDINAVICA, 126(3), 617–638.