On the equivalence of boundedness for multiple Hardy-Littlewood averages and related operators


  • Dah-Chin Luor




Necessary and sufficient conditions for the weight function $u$ are obtained, which provide the boundedness for a class of averaging operators from $L_p^+$ to $L_{q,u}^+$. These operators include the multiple Hardy-Littlewood averages and related maximal operators, geometric mean operators, and geometric maximal operators. We show that, under suitable conditions, the boundedness of these operators are equivalent. Our theorems extend several one-dimensional results to multi-dimensional cases and to operators with multiple kernels. We also show that in the case $p<q$, some one-dimensional results do not carry over to the multi-dimensional cases, and the boundedness of $T$ from $L_p^+$ to $L_{q,u}^+$ holds only if $u=0$ almost everywhere.


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