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Stanley depth and symbolic powers of monomial ideals

S. A. Seyed Fakhari


The aim of this paper is to study the Stanley depth of symbolic powers of a squarefree monomial ideal. We prove that for every squarefree monomial ideal $I$ and every pair of integers $k, s\geq 1$, the inequalities $\mathrm{sdepth} (S/I^{(ks)}) \leq \mathrm{sdepth} (S/I^{(s)})$ and $\mathrm{sdepth}(I^{(ks)}) \leq \mathrm{sdepth} (I^{(s)})$ hold. If moreover $I$ is unmixed of height $d$, then we show that for every integer $k\geq1$, $\mathrm{sdepth}(I^{(k+d)})\leq \mathrm{sdepth}(I^{{(k)}})$ and $\mathrm{sdepth}(S/I^{(k+d)})\leq \mathrm{sdepth}(S/I^{{(k)}})$. Finally, we consider the limit behavior of the Stanley depth of symbolic powers of a squarefree monomial ideal. We also introduce a method for comparing the Stanley depth of factors of monomial ideals.

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