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Vol 23 (1968) Vertices of Choquet Simplexes. Details   PDF
Erik M. Alfsen, Tore Nordseth
Vol 41 (1977) Vervollständigung streng ausgeglichener Limesvektorräume I. Details   PDF
Sten Bjon
Vol 41 (1977) Vervollständigung streng ausgeglichener Limesvektorräume II. Details   PDF
Sten Bjon
Vol 79 (1996) Vitali Systems in $\mathsf{R}^n$ with Irregular Sets. Details   PDF
Leif Mejlbro, Flemming Topsoe
Vol 51 (1982) Vitali type theorems for a class of measures in $\mathsf{R}^N$ Details   PDF
Leif Mejlbro
Vol 50 (1982) Volterra integral operators and logarithmic convexity. Details   PDF
Gustaf Gripenberg
Vol 122, No 2 (2018) Volume index Abstract
Mathematica Scandinavica
Vol 118, No 2 (2016) Von Neumann Algebra Preduals Satisfy the Linear Biholomorphic Property Abstract
Antonio M. Peralta, László L. Stachó
Vol 68 (1991) Von Neumann inequality for $(B(\mathscr{H})^n)_1$. Details   PDF
Gelu Popescu
Vol 39 (1976) Ward's Staut-Clausen problem. Details   PDF
A. F. Horadam, A. G. Shannon
Vol 70 (1992) Wavelet Transform and Toeplitz-Hankel Type Operators. Details   PDF
J. Qingtang, P. Lizhong
Vol 31 (1972) Weak Compactness and Tightness of Subsets of $M(X)$. Details   PDF
J. Hoffmann-jorgensen
Vol 105, No 2 (2009) Weak compactness in the dual space of a JB*-triple is commutatively determined Abstract   PDF
Francisco J. Fernández-Polo, Antonio M. Peralta
Vol 70 (1992) Weak Compactness of Multiplication Operators on Spaces of Bounded Linear Operators. Details   PDF
Eero Saksman, Hans-olav Tylli
Vol 59 (1986) Weak*-continuity of Jordan triple products and its applications. Details   PDF
T. Barton, Richard M. Timoney
Vol 102, No 1 (2008) Weak linear convexity and a related notion of concavity Details   PDF
Lars Hörmander
Vol 46 (1980) Weakly almost periodic functions and irregularity of multiplication in semigroup algebras. Details   PDF
Heneri A. M. Dzinotyiweyi
Vol 64 (1989) Weakly unconditionally convergent series in M-ideals. Details   PDF
Gilles Godefroy, Paulette Saab
Vol 81 (1997) Weierstrass representations for harmonic morphisms on Euclidean spaces and spheres. Details   PDF
P. Baird, J. C. Wood
Vol 84, No 2 (1999) Weight centralizer expectations with finite index Details   PDF
Esteban Andruchow, Alejandro Varela
Vol 76 (1995) Weighted Convolution Algebras without Bounded Approximate Identities. Details   PDF
M. Despic, F. Ghahramani, S. Grabiner
Vol 23 (1968) Weighted Mean Approximation in Carathéodory Regions. Details   PDF
Lars Inge Hedberg
Vol 72 (1993) Weighted Plancherel formula. Irreducible unitary representations and eigenspace representations. Details   PDF
Heping Liu, Lizhong Peng
Vol 77 (1995) Weighted Sobolev and Poincaré Inequalities and Quasiregular Mappings of Polynomial Type. Details   PDF
Juha Heinonen, Pekka Koskela
Vol 111, No 2 (2012) Weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on the upper halfplane Abstract   PDF
Mohammad Ali Ardalani, Wolfgang Lusky
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