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Vol 22 (1968) A Note on Equimorphisms of Proximity Spaces. Details   PDF
Don A. Mattson
Vol 42 (1978) A note on exponential sums. Details   PDF
L. Carlitz
Vol 15 (1964) A Note on Formal and Analytic Cauchy Problems for Systems with Constant Coefficients. Details   PDF
Jan Persson
Vol 2 (1954) A note on Fourier-Stieltjes transforms and absolutely continuous functions Details   PDF
Carl-gustav Esseen
Vol 106, No 2 (2010) A note on fractional integral operators defined by weights and non-doubling measures Abstract   PDF
Oscar Blasco, Vicente Casanova, Joaquín Motos
Vol 42 (1978) A note on free direct summands. Details   PDF
István Beck, Peter J. Trosborg
Vol 36 (1975) A note on functions with a spectral gap. Details   PDF
Kozo Yatuba
Vol 50 (1982) A note on functors that vanish on indecomposable modules. Details   PDF
István Beck
Vol 66 (1990) A note on hereditary rings or non-singular rings with chain condition. Details   PDF
Nguyen V. Dung
Vol 120, No 2 (2017) A note on holomorphic functions and the Fourier-Laplace transform Abstract
Marcus Carlsson, Jens Wittsten
Vol 23 (1968) A Note on Hyperbolic Polynomials. Details   PDF
Wim Nuij
Vol 12 (1963) A Note on Inductive Limits of Linear Spaces. Details   PDF
Otte Hustad
Vol 38 (1976) A note on infinite dimensional convex sets. Details   PDF
Heinrich Von Weizsäcker
Vol 76 (1995) A Note on Inner Coalgebra Measuring and Derivations. Details   PDF
M. Koppinen
Vol 12 (1963) A Note on Invariant Uniformities in Coset Spaces. Details   PDF
Sigmund N. Hudson
Vol 104, No 1 (2009) A note on irrationality measures Abstract   PDF
Jaroslav Hancl, Jan Stepnicka
Vol 121, No 2 (2017) A note on Jacquet functors and ordinary parts Abstract
Claus Sorensen
Vol 92, No 2 (2003) A note on Lárusson-Sigurdsson's paper Details   PDF
Armen Edigarian
Vol 33 (1973) A Note on Lifting of Matrix Units in $C^*$-Algebras. Details   PDF
Kjeld B. Laursen
Vol 96, No 1 (2005) A note on Myrberg points and ergodicity Abstract   PDF
Kurt Falk
Vol 37 (1975) A note on PG-modules. Details   PDF
M. I. Jinnah
Vol 19 (1966) A Note on Positively Expansive Endomorphisms. Details   PDF
Murray Eisenberg
Vol 46 (1980) A note on power bounded restrictions of Fourier-Stieltjes transforms. Details   PDF
Erik Svensson
Vol 25 (1969) A Note on P.P. Rings. Details   PDF
M. Satyanarayana
Vol 31 (1972) A Note on Radicals and Polynomial Rings. Details   PDF
B. J. Gardner
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