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Vol 90, No 2 (2002) 2-Generator arithmetic Kleinian groups III Abstract   PDF
M. D. E. Conder, C. Maclachlan, G. J. Martin, E. A. O'Brien
Vol 35 (1974) 3 as a Ninth Power (mod $p$). Details   PDF
Kenneth S. Williams
Vol 47 (1980) 3-dimensional cohomology of the mod $p$ Steenrod algebra. Details   PDF
Tetsuya Aikawa
Vol 67 (1990) 4-critical 4-valent planar graphs constructed with crowns. Details   PDF
G. Koester
Vol 3 (1955) A basis for subgroups of free groups Details   PDF
Jacob Nielsen
Vol 9 (1961) Abbildungen vom Hilbert-Schmidtschen Typus und ihre Anwendungen. Details   PDF
Krysztof Maurin
Vol 77 (1995) A Best Covering Problem. Details   PDF
F. F. Knudsen, K. Seip, A. M. Ulanovskii
Vol 120, No 1 (2017) A Boas-type theorem for $\alpha$-monotone functions Abstract
M. Dyachenko, A. Mukanov, E. Nursultanov
Vol 62 (1988) A Bochner-Herz property in bounded synthesis. Details   PDF
David Colella
Vol 106, No 2 (2010) A Bott inverted model for equivariant unitary topological $K$-theory Abstract   PDF
Markus Spitzweck, Paul Arne Østvær
Vol 14 (1964) A Boundary Problem for Analytic Linear Systems with Data on Intersecting Hyperplanes. Details   PDF
Jan Persson
Vol 74 (1994) About Certain Singular Kernels $K(x,y) = K_1(x-y)K_2(x+y)$. Details   PDF
T. Godoy, L. Saal, M. Urciuolo
Vol 78 (1996) About the $L^p$-Boundedness of Integral Operators with Kernels of the Form $K_1(x-y)K_2(x+y)$. Details   PDF
T. Godoy, M. Urciuolo
Vol 37 (1975) A branch set linking theorem. Details   PDF
David L. George, William L. Reddy
Vol 3 (1955) Abschwächung einer klassischen Gruppendefinition Details   PDF
Bengt Stolt
Vol 104, No 1 (2009) Absolutely convergent Fourier series and generalized Zygmund classes of functions Abstract   PDF
Ferenc Móricz
Vol 45 (1979) A Carleman theorem for curves in $\mathsf{C}^n$ Details   PDF
H. Alexander
Vol 33 (1973) A Cauchy Problem fo Analytic Functionals. Details   PDF
Bent Birkeland
Vol 33 (1973) A Cech-Hurewicz Isomorphism Theorem for Movable Metric Compacta. Details   PDF
Tim Porter
Vol 34 (1974) A Change of Ring Theorem with Applications to Poincaré Series and Intersection Multiplicity. Details   PDF
Tor H. Gulliksen
Vol 50 (1982) A characterisation of Gorenstein orders in quarternition algebras. Details   PDF
Juliusz Brzezinski
Vol 70 (1992) A Characterization of Balanced Rational Normal Surface Scrolls in Terms of Their Osculating Spaces II. Details   PDF
E. Ballico, R. Piene, H. -s. Tai
Vol 97, No 1 (2005) A characterization of convex hypersurfaces in Hadamard manifolds Abstract   PDF
Mehmet Erdogan, Gülsen Yilmaz
Vol 80 (1997) A characterization of Hardy-Orlicz spaces on $\mathsf{C}^n$. Details   PDF
Caiheng Ouyang, Juhani Riihentaus
Vol 16 (1965) A Characterization of Reflexivity of Banach Spaces. Details   PDF
Kjeld B. Laursen
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