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Marstrand's Approximate Independence of Sets and Strong Differentiation of the Integral

Raquel Cabral


A constructive proof is given for the existence of a function belonging to the product Hardy space $H^1(\mathsf{R} \times \mathsf{R})$ and the Orlicz space $L(\log L)^{\epsilon}(\mathsf{R}^{2})$ for all $0<\epsilon <1$, for all whose integral is not strongly differentiable almost everywhere on a set of positive measure. It consists of a modification of a non-negative function created by J. M. Marstrand. In addition, we generalize the claim concerning "approximately independent sets" that appears in his work in relation to hyperbolic-crosses. Our generalization, which holds for any sets with boundary of sufficiently low complexity in any Euclidean space, has a version of the second Borel-Cantelli Lemma as a corollary.

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