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Regularity and Free Resolution of Ideals Which Are Minimal To $d$-Linearity

M. Morales, A. A. Yazdan Pour, R. Zaare-Nahandi


For given positive integers $n\geq d$, a $d$-uniform clutter on a vertex set $[n]=\{1,\dots,n\}$ is a collection of distinct $d$-subsets of $[n]$. Let $\mathscr{C}$ be a $d$-uniform clutter on $[n]$. We may naturally associate an ideal $I(\mathscr{C})$ in the polynomial ring $S=k[x_1,\dots,x_n]$ generated by all square-free monomials \smash{$x_{i_1}\cdots x_{i_d}$} for $\{i_1,\dots,i_d\}\in\mathscr{C}$. We say a clutter $\mathscr{C}$ has a $d$-linear resolution if the ideal \smash{$I(\overline{\mathscr{\mathscr{C}}})$} has a $d$-linear resolution, where \smash{$\overline{\mathscr{C}}$} is the complement of $\mathscr{C}$ (the set of $d$-subsets of $[n]$ which are not in $\mathscr C$).

In this paper, we introduce some classes of $d$-uniform clutters which do not have a linear resolution, but every proper subclutter of them has a $d$-linear resolution. It is proved that for any two $d$-uniform clutters $\mathscr{C}_1$, $\mathscr{C}_2$ the regularity of the ideal $I(\overline{\mathscr{C}_1 \cup \mathscr{C}_2})$, under some restrictions on their intersection, is equal to the maximum of the regularities of $I(\overline{\mathscr{C}}_1)$ and $I(\overline{\mathscr{C}}_2)$.

As applications, alternative proofs are given for Fröberg's Theorem on linearity of edge ideals of graphs with chordal complement as well as for linearity of generalized chordal hypergraphs defined by Emtander. Finally, we find minimal free resolutions of the ideal of a triangulation of a pseudo-manifold and a homology manifold explicitly.

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