Bounded approximation properties in terms of $C[0,1]$

Åsvald Lima, Vegard Lima, Eve Oja


Let $X$ be a Banach space and let $\mathcal I$ be the Banach operator ideal of integral operators. We prove that $X$ has the $\lambda$-bounded approximation property ($\lambda$-BAP) if and only if for every operator $T\in \mathcal I(X,C[0,1]^*)$ there exists a net $(S_\alpha)$ of finite-rank operators on $X$ such that $S_\alpha\to I_X$ pointwise and 26767 \limsup_\alpha\|TS_\alpha\|_{\mathcal I}\leq\lambda\|T\|_{\mathcal I}. 26767 We also prove that replacing $\mathcal I$ by the ideal $\mathcal N$ of nuclear operators yields a condition which is equivalent to the weak $\lambda$-BAP.

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