Proregular sequences, local cohomology, and completion

Peter Schenzel


As a certain generalization of regular sequences there is an investigation of weakly proregular sequences. Let $M$ denote an arbitrary $R$-module. As the main result it is shown that a system of elements $\underline x$ with bounded torsion is a weakly proregular sequence if and only if the cohomology of the Čech complex $\check C_{\underline x} \otimes M$ is naturally isomorphic to the local cohomology modules $H_{\mathfrak a}^i(M)$ and if and only if the homology of the co-Čech complex $\mathrm{RHom} (\check C_{\underline x}, M)$ is naturally isomorphic to $\mathrm{L}_i \Lambda^{\mathfrak a}(M),$ the left derived functors of the $\mathfrak a$-adic completion, where $\mathfrak a$ denotes the ideal generated by the elements $\underline x$. This extends results known in the case of $R$ a Noetherian ring, where any system of elements forms a weakly proregular sequence of bounded torsion. Moreover, these statements correct results previously known in the literature for proregular sequences.

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