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Vol 114, No 2 (2014)

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Table of Contents


On Fixed Divisors of Forms in Many Variables, I PDF
A. Schinzel 161-184
Toric Ideals of Finite Graphs and Adjacent 2-Minors PDF
Hidefumi Ohsugi, Takayuki Hibi 185-190
Beauville Surfaces with Abelian Beauville Group PDF
G. González-Diez, G. A. Jones, D. Torres-Teigell 191-204
Concrete Realizations of Quotients of Operator Spaces PDF
Marc A. Rieffel 205-215
Strict U-Ideals and U-Summands in Banach Spaces PDF
Trond A. Abrahamsen 216-225
Sharp Weighted Bounds for Fractional Integral Operators in a Space of Homogeneous Type PDF
Anna Kairema 226-253
Irrationality Measures of Numbers Related to Some $q$-Basic Hypergeometric Series PDF
Keijo Väänänen 254-263
A Short Return to Simple Ah-Algebras with Real Rank Zero PDF
Huaxin Lin 264-274
Contractive Spectral Triples for Crossed Products PDF
Alan L. T. Paterson 275-298
Primeness and Primitivity Conditions for Twisted Group $C^*$-Algebras PDF
Tron Ånen Omland 299-319

ISSN: 1903-1807

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